Man caught making sweet love to cleaning cone at Wigan train station

A man has admitted having sex with a cleaning cone at Wigan train station while drunk.

Trevor Smith, 38, was found in a lift with his trousers and undies around his ankles while thrusting his hips at the cone.

When he was stopped, police noticed a white substance on the floor that was not cocaine.

Smith, from nearby St Helens, admitted to police that he was worse for wear and had snorted white powder that was given to him by friends to help perk him up.

He was spotted by a worker from Virgin Trains at 9.30pm on April 14 who had been asked by a colleague to meet him at the station lift.

When he got to the lift he glanced through the window and saw Smith sitting down, getting jiggy with the cleaning cone that was in his lap.

He called police and by the time they arrived Smith had mounted the cone and was on top of it, still thrusting at it.

Realising he was being watched, he did the decent thing and pulled up his trousers while being helped to his feet by the police officer.

The cop said he saw white powder around Smith’s ‘lower face’ and on the floor of the lift.

He was arrested for possession of a Class A drug but later de-arrested when it turned out the white substance was not a drug at all.

Instead he faced charges of outraging public decency.

Smith later expressed extreme regret and said he understood how the situation could have been interpreted.

He said he had been out drinking with friends and when he got into the lift he thought he was on his own in a locked room.

Smith, who has previous convictions for outraging public decency, was released on bail to be sentenced later this month.

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