Lil Yachty and Vince Staples Play With Perspective for "In My Stussy's" Video

Issued late last year as an addendum to Lil Boat 3, Lil Boat 3.5 expanded Lil Yachty‘s latest full-length record with a handful of new cuts. The Vince Staple feature, “In My Stussy’s,” was among them and it’s just received a new music video that’s nearly as playful as the duo’s wordplay.

So named for a pair of Stüssy jeans that Yachty claims to stashing $100,000 USD inside, “In My Stussy’s” is a characteristically ebullient bit of boasting from both the 22 year-old and Staples, who affirms his own wealth by asserting that “I buy what I want.” The two take turns reflecting on success in their own ways, including Yachty savoring Reese’s on a private jet.

Matching the track’s upbeat mood, the video trades between shots of a goldfish’s bowl, the two rappers dancing around a shiny hall of mirrors and a well-placed set of magnifying glasses that amplify two-thirds of Yachty’s face for dramatic effect.

Watch the brief snippet in full above and stream Lil Boat 3 via your preferred service.

This latest clip came mere days after Yachty premiered the video for “Asshole.”

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