Lawn bowlers compete for the 2019 Bonney Cup in Penticton

It’s been a busy weekend at the Penticton Lawn Bowling Club with bowlers from B.C., Alberta and the U.S. competing at the Bonney Cup.

“Today is our biggest tournament of the year and we have been doing it every year for 30 years,” said the club’s Stuart Scott.

“Our saying is it takes you five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master… But it’s very addictive — once you’ve thrown a couple of bowls and see what you can do, you sort of get hooked.”


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The members find that the club offers more than just a place to play a sport. They hope to attract a younger crowd to keep the sport alive.

“Camaraderie, fun and just relaxation, until you get into a really heavy tournament, then it’s not totally relaxing,” said John Prier, a member of the club for 17 years. “But it’s real good fun. You meet lots of people and it’s a really nice sport.

“The trouble is people tend to think it’s for old people and youngsters are not at all interested. We would like to get (the people in their) 20s and 30s here,”

The 2019 Bonney Cup was held over July 20 and 21. For those interested in trying lawn bowling, contact the Penticton Lawn Bowling Club during their season to book a free lesson.

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