Lana Del Rey Wears Mesh Mask To Meet Fans, Critics Get In Her Face

Five-time Grammy nominee Lana Del Rey didn’t win any awards for her face-covering at a public reading of her new book.

The “Young and Beautiful” singer wore a mesh face mask that apparently exposed her nose and mouth in violation of local coronavirus guidelines as she got close to attendees.

Del Rey promoted her collection of poetry, “Violet Bent Backwards Over Grass,” with an appearance Friday at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles.

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Fans posted photos of themselves well within 6 feet of the performer and even cheek to cheek, prompting backlash from people on social media.

“ur setting urself up at this point we cant defend you,” one wrote on the Instagram Live post.

“lana please wear a real mask i’m begging you be safe,” a concerned fan wrote.

Others fumed on Twitter, calling her “pathetic” and her move “serious foolishness.” “COME ON!!! Is science class really that f-ing hard?!?” one user wrote. 

Some even referenced her 2012 album “Born To Die.”

Del Rey’s sister Caroline said the singer had “tested negative” and was standing “more than 6 feet away” from others, the U.K.’s Independent reported, but that was not the case.

USA Today noted that Del Rey was flouting LA County COVID-19 guidance, which asks citizens to wear a face covering over nose and mouth when in public and others are nearby. However, some speculated that Del Rey wore a transparent lining behind the fishnet mask.

Del Rey did not appear to address the criticism over the weekend. HuffPost did not immediately hear back after a request for comment early Monday.

Del Rey wore a similar mesh mask for the cover of Interview magazine last month.

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