Kodak Joins Knickerbocker For a Nostalgic Capsule Dedicated to the '30s

New York’s Knickerbocker has just released a full capsule dedicated to the founding years of The Eastman Kodak Company.

Referencing vintage ads, the collection goes deep into Kodak’s rich archives for a number of items designed with the brand’s modern fashion sensibility combined with a photographer’s need for utility. Arriving in the form of camera club jackets, park polos, camera shorts, camera vests, caps, and T-shirts, the capsule sees the original logo from the ’30s and graphics inspired by magazine clippings and the soccer jersey pattern worn by the 1921 Camera Work’s Soccer Team.

Priced from $48 – $250 USD, the Knickerbocker Kodak capsule is available now over at the brand’s online store. Check out the collection lookbook above.

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