Kingsford Drops New Content Series 'Blaze with T-Pain'

Since its inception in1919,  Kingsford has become synonymous with authentic grilling, good food and good times. As a means to ignite infinite possibilities and fuel passions — both on and off the grill — the legendary brand is reimagining the standard cookout and inspiring everyone around the world to embrace flavor to its fullest potential using Kingsford’s unmatched charcoal.  

Keeping in step with the brand’s mission to inspire new generations to blaze their own trail, Kingsford has developed an all-new content series dubbed “Blaze with T-Pain” that invites the masses to pick up the tongs and fire up their own culinary delights. Each episode of the four-part series, will center around rapper and trailblazer T-Pain, as he attempts to perfect a signature dish taught to him by a local culinary expert and resident grill master. To kick off the first installment of the flavor-filled series, T-Pain was put on the spot to see if he could handle the heat and claim the coveted “Blaze” badge. With Chef Meherwan as the judge, the rapper tried his hand at grilling and was asked to prepare savory, tender lamb kebabs with the help of Kingsford’s charcoal. 

Through presenting a fresh perspective on barbecuing and showcasing how new traditions can be forged over fire, the series is providing an inside glimpse into modern-day cookout culture through the eyes of a cultural tastemaker. In the video above, check out the all-new “Blaze with T-Pain” content series from Kingsford. 
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