Kevin Durant Responds to Steve Kerr's Issue With His Twitter Usage

Kevin Durant, alongside the USA Basketball team, has just begun training for the Tokyo Olympics. Amongst the rest of the NBA superstars on the roster, Durant has consistently been very active on Twitter, interacting with fans.

A recent Tweet that caught KD’s attention surrounded words about how his former coach, Steve Kerr treated Kevin Durant’s Twitter usage. Kerr had reportedly told Durant to move past the criticism from fans, even referencing the way LeBron James handles comments. Kerr alluded that all basketball greats had to deal with criticism, stating that sometimes you just have to say “f*** it.” He also reportedly said that KD was quite affected, constantly “staring at that phone all the time.”

KD, who caught wind of the Tweet responded that he did not “see a problem with me interacting with basketball fans.” He also adds that “Steve should have also said that I am never late and I work through every rep in practice with game speed. That should be more interesting than what I do on Twitter.”

Kerr is currently part of the USA basketball coaching team and will travel to Tokyo with Durant. Check out the Twitter exchange below.

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