Johnny Depp Stands to Make 8-Figures for His one Scene in 'Fantastic Beasts 3'

Following Johnny Depp’s resignation announcement from the Fantastic Beasts franchise, news has just come out that Depp will be paid his full salary. Sources say that Depp, along with a lot of high-profile actors, signs on with a “pay-or-play” contract, meaning that they receive their salary regardless of what happens to the film.

It was also revealed that Depp has only shot just one scene before his departure from the project. Given that The Hollywood Reporter has the celebrated actor’s pay for Fantastic Beats 3 in the ballpark of eight-figures, it’s starting to look like a costly decision for the Warner Bros.

In other entertainment news, A Quiet Place spinoff announced, but John Krasinski will not be returning as the director.
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