Jimmy Kimmel Teases Trump Over Putin Obsession With Genius Throwback Video

Jimmy Kimmel was amused by President Joe Biden’s gift to Russian President Vladimir Putin: a pair of aviator sunglasses. 

“Hello, Mr. Murderer, I brought a gift for you,” Kimmel cracked on his show Wednesday. “Try ’em on, they’re just like mine!” 

And Kimmel couldn’t help but wonder how the last U.S. president felt about it. 

“Trump had to be so jealous; he loved his Sugar Vladdy so much,” Kimmel said, noting that former President Donald Trump spent years bragging about a single compliment ostensibly from the Russian leader. 

Kimmel then played a supercut of Trump mooning over Putin’s praise — which, as it turned out, was something the Russian leader had never even said.  

Check it out: 



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