James Cameron Reveals He Was Worried 'Avatar 2' Would Lose Relevancy After a Decade

Ahead of the release of the Avatar 2, famed director James Cameron recently spoke to the New York Times about how it feels to release the sequel of the most highly grossed film.

Back in 2009, the original Avatar grossed nearly $3 billion USD and the studio immediately wanted to capitalize on the hype and get a sequel out into theaters as soon as possible. Cameron was adamant in not wanting to rush the sequel but admitted that waiting to release the second film 13 years after the 2009 mega hit did worry him.

Cameron told the publication, “I was a little concerned that I had stretched the tether too far, in our fast-paced, modern world, with Avatar 2 coming in 12 years later.” However, he explained that while he was holding his breath, Cameron had a sigh of releif when he realized that people were still interested, “Right until we dropped the teaser trailer, and we got 148 million views in 24 hours. There’s that scarce seen but wondered at principle, which is, ‘Wow, we haven’t seen that in a long time, but I remember how cool it was back then.’ Does that play in our favor? I don’t know. I guess we’re going to find out.”

The sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water is slated to arrive in theaters on December 16 of this year, while the third Avatar is slated to arrive in December 2024 and the fourth and fifth will arrive two years after the previous.

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