JACK1T Releases New Collection Inspired By 'Next Gen Alpine'

Emerging British outerwear label JACK1T has released Next Gen Alpine, an exclusive digital preview into its AW21 collection. Founded in September of 2019, JACK1T has built an impressive narrative of determined design, creative collaborations and growing sustainability for a brand that is less than two years old. Driven by a street-meets-mountain attitude, JACK1T is inserting a new level of flair into its outerwear offerings for men and women.

JACK1T’s Next Gen Alpine presents a digital expedition through its new collection that’s inspired by stretching the normal parameters of a down jacket while still honoring wearability, function and resonance. The brand balances an alpine heritage with progression through pieces like reverse retro down jackets and avalanche puffers that explode on the catwalk. Other jackets in the collection showcase racer silhouettes or high volume expedition blocks that are meant to sculpt or engulf the wearer.

Made in small batches with sustainability at its core, JACK1T aims to nurture exciting British design talent with a symbiotic futuristic vision. “Our ultimate ambition is to be a more rare alternative to the establishment as we make our gradual ascent through the outerwear scene embracing sustainability in greater depth in each collection and drop,” says Creative Director James Holder. With Next Gen Alpine, JACK1T presents an insider’s view of the brand’s early stages and more insight on the design decisions behind its products.

To find out more information about JACK1T and its innovative outerwear offerings, head to the brand’s website.
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