Ivanka Trump Is Being Accused of 'Stonewalling' the New York Attorney General in $250 Million Fraud Case

Things are getting heated for Ivanka Trump in the legal case with the Trump Organization. She’s done her best to separate her case from dad Donald Trump and brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump by hiring her own lawyers, but Attorney General Letitia James is not exactly thrilled with the former socialite right now.

An April 25 court filing revealed that Ivanka is being accused of failing to turn over pertinent documents that were requested by the attorney general’s office. Ivanka was ordered “to turn over email communications sent by their client between 2014-2017,” per the Independent. Yet she only handed over “the first nine months of 2014” along with a dwindling number of emails between 2014-2016. The response from Ivanka’s legal team was also surprising.

“Defendants have either ignored the inquiries, provided non-substantive responses, or passed the buck to counsel no longer engaged in the case,” James’ office wrote. “The time to meet and confer on these issues has long since passed. The fairest and simplest way to resolve these issues is for Defendants to provide sworn certifications detailing the process they followed for preserving, searching, and producing documents in response to [office of the attorney general] discovery notices.” It sounds like Ivanka is in a lot of hot water right now — what is she hiding?

While her legal team promises that there has been “no stonewalling” in the case, the judge has ordered them to “submit affidavits describing under threat of perjury their process for providing documents to state authorities.” Ivanka has insisted that she should not be a part of this case since she left her Trump Organization job in 2017 to work in the White and the fraud charges were out of the scope of her job description when she was working there. The DA seems to have evidence that she somehow was involved because this legal issue isn’t going away for Ivanka anytime soon.

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