International Artists Celebrate Skateboarding In "Eight Inch Blunt" Exhibition

The Corner Gallery in Perth, Western Australia will soon launch a group exhibition of works that celebrate the world of skateboarding. Entitled “Eight Inch Blunt,” the presentation will feature various artworks including paintings, photography, mixed-media pieces and more. Participating artists in the show are from across the globe, including Australian artist David The Robot, American artist Jimbo Phillips, British artist Eloise Dorr, Belgian artist Quentin de Briey and Panamanian artist Rafael Gonzalez.

Accompanying the exhibition is a series of skate ramps that will be installed throughout the gallery which will be skated by rising local skaters in Perth shot by Jake Rotham and Rowan White. The skateboarding sessions will contribute to an installation featuring wheel marks all over the walls to complement the artwork shown in the gallery.

Running concurrently with the exhibition is a silent auction on an original dot painting board painted by indigenous artist Mary Oliver. All proceeds from the auction will benefit Spinifex Skateboards to help fund their annual ‘First Nations Skate Tours’. The current bid on the board is $650 AUD (approximately $501 USD). Check out select works from the “Eight Inch Blunt” exhibition in the slideshow above and then head to The Corner Gallery’s website for more information.

Elsewhere in art, Galerie Templon is currently hosting an online exhibition featuring sculptures by the acclaimed French artist, Prune Nourry.

The Corner Gallery
Olive St.
Subiaco WA 6008
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