If You Know Nothing About Marvel's Morbius, This Quick Guide Is For You

If You Know Nothing About Marvel’s Morbius, This Quick Guide Is For You

The first official “Morbius” trailer has dropped, and we know you have lots of questions. On the surface, it’s a new superhero/supervillain movie much in the pattern of your standard-issue “mad scientist” stories, but there’s a lot more happening than that. Morbius, who’s played by Jared Leto in the film, isn’t necessarily a household name the way that other comics characters are, so there’s a lot more we don’t know about him off the bat. If you’re curious about the character’s comics history, his superpowers, why he’s called the living vampire, or how he links up (or doesn’t) to other Marvel films and Spider-man, we’ve got answers! Keep reading for the answers to five of the biggest burning questions we’ve got after watching the trailer.

“Morbius” hits theaters on April 1.

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