I changed name to Megan Fox but it has nothing to do with the actress

I’m trans, so when I was around 20 years old I legally changed my name.

I don’t remember the exact year, to be honest, but it was around 2000 or 2001 when Transformers was just a gleam in Michael Bay’s eye.  

At that point, I’d never heard of Megan Fox – according to her filmography, she hadn’t been in much by then – so my decision had nothing to do with a desire to share a name with the famous actress. 

I chose Megan because I knew someone from way back in elementary school with the name and it always stuck with me.  Fox came about simply because I liked foxes and it sounded cool.

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Put together, Megan Fox felt like a strong name, so I chose it.   

I don’t really notice celebrities’ names much, so when I went to see Transformers in the cinema it didn’t register that I had the same name as the lead actress. The first time it clicked for me was when I started getting comments soon after the movie came out.  

They’ve never really stopped.

You get a silly little reply to your name like ‘Hehe Megan Fox’ just about every time you hand someone your card, a cheque or anything with your name on it. It’s mainly grocery store clerks.  

I don’t begrudge people who make the comments though, they’re just trying to be nice, after all. I generally respond with an awkward ‘oh, yeah’ and leave it at that.  

At the beginning it was funny, but it’s got a bit annoying. Quite early on I made it my goal to somehow become cool enough that people thought the famous Megan Fox was me – instead of the other way around.

I’m a game developer and we’re working on a game called SkateBIRD, which is getting pretty popular.

With the Megan Fox keeping her life quite private and appearing in less box office hits, I think I’m in with a chance. In game playing circles at least, no one ever seems to confuse us. 

Early on in my career, I definitely think having the same name as her helped. I would cold-call press people about game launches we’d done and I remember a few people responding with ‘really?’

More than a few people let me know they did a double take when they saw my name in their inbox. It got me a reply, instead of being ignored.  

Although it’s a striking moniker, it’s not exactly rare. There’s a ton of Megan Foxs on IMDB (even I’m on there – Megan Fox number VI, due to a LEGO Universe credit).

I’m lucky I’m not an actress. I imagine it’s hard to break into the industry when there’s already someone with your name, more successful than you are. 

Whenever people ask me if I changed my name to match hers – which kids sometimes do –  I remind them that name collisions are pretty common and that I know a Michael Bolton and a Michael Jordan. It’s just a coincidence and I can’t be annoyed at that really!

I’m still happy that I chose the name that I did – I definitely wouldn’t change it.  

I think the funniest part of me sharing a name with a famous actress is that I’m not really interested in celebrities. I have no desire to meet her, I don’t really know a lot about Megan Fox and there is no other famous person that I would be interested in sharing a name with.  

I think people know that about me, so I never really have to engage in conversation about whether she and I have a lot in common, whether we look alike, or what kind of person Megan is.  

Famous people are temporary illusions, after all. I’d rather just be me. 

You can find out more about SkateBIRD here

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