Hot Toys Launches Predator Collectible From 2022’s ‘Prey’

Hot Toys has a new series dedicated to “Television Masterpiece” friends and foes. For its latest launch, the toy company is paying tribute to last year’s action-packed Prey.

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the science fiction flick arrived as the fifth installment in the Predator series. Set in 1719, Naru is a skilled warrior from the Comanche Nation, which resides in the Great Plains. She encounters a mysterious, humanoid alien, and is tasked with protecting her tribe from its attacks.

At 14.5 inches (37 cm) tall, Hot Toys’ Predator is an intricately detailed model of the movie’s antagonist. The collectible is poseable and comes with a hand-painted head.

Certain features, such as its fangs, are interchangeable for personalization. As for its clothing, the Predator sports a lamellar skirt, forearm armor and ankle wraps, along with a full head of rubber hair.

True to its nature, the Predator also has a full roster of hunting weapons, including a shield, a whip, batons, a spear gun and blades that can be secured to the forearm.

Available for pre-order now, the Predator figurine is priced at $395 USD.

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