Here Are 2023’s Most Luxurious Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes

In celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, both local and global brands have been unveiling their own interpretation of mooncakes in the past weeks. The beloved pastry has a rich history that dates back more than 3,000 years in China, with its Cantonese edition being the most famous and commonly consumed. Traditional Cantonese mooncakes are identified for their round shape and glazed crusts, while the inside features a salted egg yolk enveloped in a rich lotus seed paste as filling. In today’s world, mooncakes aren’t limited to the traditional kind and can come in all sorts of varieties, accompanied by innovative packaging that adds to the festive spirit.

For this year, a number of luxury brands have opted for a more traditional and simple approach. As usual, Saint Laurent’s mooncakes are enclosed inside minimalist, all-black packaging featuring the Maison’s logo. The former years all featured a square shape, whereas this year’s version comes in a round box. On the outside, Rimowa’s mooncakes boast a plain rectangular box that opens to reveal an illustration depicting two rabbits eating mooncakes.

Versace’s set arrives in a black box, emblazoned with only a singular golden logo. It houses four bite-sized mooncakes inside, with each fitting perfectly on the accompanying Medusa-adorned plate. Meanwhile, Alexander McQueen’s festive treats are presented inside a bright red octagonal box, which echoes the engraved patterns on its mooncakes.

A hot cup of tea has always been a go-to pairing with mooncakes, a practice that helps to alleviate some of the sweetness. Boucheron,