Harry Fane and Dover Street Market London Present More Fine Vintage Cartier Watches

Obsidian Gallery’s Harry Fane and Dover Street Market London are back together for yet another round of vintage Cartier watches, this time around offering up a 1975 Tank Automatique, a 1966 lady’s Ceinture, and a Baignoire from 1967.

Following on from the inaugural collection that brought various vintage Cartier models to the market, Harry Fane presents three exquisite timepieces that are destined for the wrists of only the most discerning watch connoisseurs. Kicking off with the Tank Automatique, or specifically the “Tank Jumbo,” we find a piece that features an 18kt yellow gold bezel that surrounds a white face, decorated with blue hands that match the winder on the side. It’s paired with an optional bespoke brown leather strap, and is identifiable thanks to the bubble on the rear case that houses the automatic movement. Made in limited quantities in the ’70s, this model is incredibly rare and asks a price of £21,000 GBP (approximately $28,500 USD).

Alongside this is the 1967 Baignoire, which is served in 18kt yellow and white gold with a green crocodile strap. This is one of the more unique Cartiers on offer, as it was made under Cartier London’s eye which removes the minute track — Chemin de fer — which gives it a clean, open dial. Additionally, it’s ovular, relating back to the watches Cartier made in 1913. It retails for £16,800 GBP (approximately $22,800 USD).

Last but not least is the lady’s Ceinture from 1966, which draws its influence from a belt — hence the name, which translates to belt from French to English. It also carries this name into its design, as the winder is housed in an aperture that is similar to a notch on a belt. Served up in 18kt yellow gold, this piece goes for £12,360 GBP (approximately $16,800 USD).

Take a look at all three of Harry Fane’s fine vintage Cartier watches above, and find out more on how to purchase them by heading in-store to Dover Street Market London or requesting information online.

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