'GTA V' Actors Reenact Franklin and Lamar's Viral "Haircut" Roast in Real Life

Grand Theft Auto V may have been out for eight years now, but fans are still finding small joys in the revered video game — this time in the iconic interaction between Franklin and Lamar.

Actors Slink Johnson and Solo Fonteno, who brought Lamar and Franklin respectively to life, treated players to a stellar reenactment of the “Yee yee a*s haircut” scene. Dressed similarly to their characters, the pair chose a setting comparable to the video game’s and acted out the hilarious conversation with the exact camera angles.

The recent fascination with Lamar’s haircut roast arrives just shortly after a fan scouted Tyler, the Creator’s NPC in Los Santos. Despite the artist’s own own announcement from 2013, some players were still surprised to find that they can interact with the character and, if they provoke the NPC enough, even get into a fight with them.

Watch Johnson and Fonteno’s spot-on reenactment above, and watch the GTA V scene below for comparison.

In related news, Grand Theft Auto VI will reportedly feature a female protagonist for the first time in the franchise’s history.
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