Ghostwire: Tokyo springs onto Xbox next month with Spider’s Thread update

Aside from the inevitable Xbox and Game Pass release, Bethesda has announced a new game mode and more for Ghostwire: Tokyo.

It was only a matter of time, but much like Deathloop before it, Ghostwire: Tokyo is making its way to Xbox Series X/S, after launching for PlayStation 5 and PC last year.

As a reminder, Bethesda and Sony had already agreed to make it a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive before Microsoft bought the former, which is why it’s taken a while for it to come to Xbox.

However, the announcement comes with some welcome news for all Ghostwire players, as the Xbox release accompanies wholly new content that will be free for everyone across all platforms.

First things first, the Xbox launch is scheduled for April 12, and it’ll be available on Xbox Game Pass as well.

As for the Spider’s Thread update, as it’s called, it will be add a separate game mode titled… The Spider’s Thread. It sounds very much like a rougelike as it sees you run through a 30 stage gauntlet and upgrading your abilities as you go.

Die, and you’re sent back to the very start, albeit with a portion of your upgrades. This mode will be available from the main menu once the update goes live on April 12.

The update also adds new areas to the main campaign, such as a middle school, which will provide more missions to complete.

Furthermore, there’ll be extended cut scenes that promise to provide more insight into the plot.

The final major additions are new combat abilities and enemies, as well as an expanded photo mode. Again, the update will be available on the PlayStation 5 and PC versions, and be free to boot. After all, Microsoft doesn’t like the idea of locking DLC to one platform.

We weren’t especially impressed with Ghostwire: Tokyo when it launched, due to its dull combat and unengaging storytelling. Hopefully this Spider’s Thread update will give it a well needed shot in the arm, although there’s a lot to fix…

Ghostwire: Tokyo launches for Xbox Series X/S on April 12. It’s currently available for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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