Gabrielle Union Making Fun of Dwyane Wade's Snoring Will Make Your Day

At this point, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are such couple goals, it almost seems like they’re trolling us with their level of cuteness. In their latest display of husband-and-wife perfection, Union teased Wade for snoring like a “dying rhino,” but not before Wade gave his own impression of his wife’s snoring habits. Obviously, we’ve all been there, though maybe not quite at “dying rhino” level.  But from the way these two joke about each other’s sleep habits, it’s clear just how in love they are — even when their partner is being crazy annoying. 

Union and Wade talked with Access Hollywood ahead of Wade’s guest judge appearance on America’s Got Talent, where Union has served as a judge all season. “Is it true Gab snores” was one of the first questions asked — and Wade was quick to throw his wife under the bus. “Yeah, she snores. Some of them are cute,” he says, doing an impression of one of Union’s “cute” snores. “And some of them are…” He gives another, less flattering impression. “And I’ve got to be, like, ‘What the…’ and I’ve got to give her a little elbow,” the NBA star concludes. Fighting words, Wade! Luckily, Union is laughing throughout.

Union is quickly given a chance to rebut: “What does his sound like?” Union quips right back: “I can’t even make that noise.. .it sounds like a dying rhino.” Well, there you have that! Even the most perfect-seeming couples have their mild flaws — but with partners this goofy with each other, it obviously doesn’t matter. Now: more Kaavia pics please!

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