G-SHOCK Vital Series Sports Trio Plays With The Light

G-SHOCK has dropped a new brightly colored trio of sports watches with Bluetooth GPS calibration for more accurate activity tracking. 

The three new styles, dubbed the Vital Series in the existing GBD-100 line-up, build on a black and white base with elements made of semi-transparent resin. 

Designed with running and walking in mind, and compatible with the G-SHOCK MOVE app, the GBD-100 line-up launched last year and features an ergonomically curved caseback for comfort on the wrist and large non-slip buttons for ease of use even under demanding conditions. The watch also weighs just 69gm to ensure it doesn’t slow you down on the move. 

Bluetooth allows for connection to a smartphone’s GPS for quick calibration of distance measurements which, once setup, makes for more accurate logs of distances travelled. Combined with run time measurements the G-SHOCK also measures pace and features an Auto Lap function for monitoring times over a specific distance. 

Runners will also be able to monitor their performance with lap time measurement offering 140 records over 100 runs and automatically generate training plans based on personal targets, while more casual users can monitor steps taken with the pedometer as well as calories burned. 

The GBD-100 uses a high-definition, energy efficient MIP LCD display, that helps ensure battery life of two years, with push button illumination. Bluetooth connection also allows automatic time adjustment, and phone notifications with vibrations. 

These three new styles are available now in the U.K. here, priced at £139 (approximately $189).

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