'Fortnite' Celebrates 'Creed III' Release With New Adonis Creed Skins

One of the reasons that Fortnite continues to remain relevant is that it makes a point to tap into major cultural moments through collaborative skin projects. We’ve seen the video game platform introduce skins of high-profile figures like Travis Scott, Patrick Mahomes and John Cena, and now it’s set to add to its repertoire with a batch of Adonis Creed skins to celebrate the forthcoming release of Creed III.

For this new initiative, digital prized fighters will be able to choose between five different variations of the prodigy boxer played by Michael B. Jordan, three of which swap out Creed’s arms with bionic limbs. In addition to the skins, gamers will also have a trio of accessories to play with. Included in the shop launch will be a Heavy Bag Back Bling, Knockout Pick Pickaxe and a Target Training Emote.

Starting today, Fortnite is hosting the Creed Cup — a Solo Zero Build tournament where participants can compete to place in the top point-earning players of your region. Those that earn at least eight points will unlock the CREED Brand Spray.

Everything will be available in the shop starting Thursday, March 2, 2023, at 7 PM EDT.

For other news, Pokémon Sleep is slated to launch this summer.
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