Former 'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Has 'a Lot of Thoughts' About Show Ouster That He's Promising to Reveal in New Podcast

Bachelor Nation, get ready because former host Chris Harrison is back — and he’s ready for The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison, debuting on Jan. 9. The trailer for the new series about “all things relationships,” including “dating, marriage, love, loss, and more,” gives more insight on what to expect. He’s promising to spill the tea two years after his controversial conversation with the first Black Bachelorette and Extra correspondent, Rachel Linsday.

At the start of the show teaser, Harrison noted that he’s “a little nervous,” after being out the public eye for so long. “I think about this every day, truly every day of my life I think about this, and what I want to say,” he said. Calling it “heavy” and “cathartic,” he added, “I’m looking forward to getting this off my shoulders and repairing this, moving forward, letting everybody hear from me. So are we ready?” While it seems like some of the former Bachelor franchise stars like Trista Sutter, Ben Higgins, and Kaitlyn Bristowe are as they showed support on his Instagram post, it’s the fans who are going to have the last word on this.

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Reddit users chimed in with their reaction in a Bachelor thread. One person wrote, “Nobody asked for this.” Another added, “Has anyone told him that he was a host and doesn’t actually have any relationship expertise?” And a third social media account noted the events that got him fired in the first place, “I love the folks saying his career was ruined like I’m sure this wealthy white man is gonna be ok.”

Harrison found himself out of a job after he defended Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell for attending an antebellum-themed party while she was in college. The heated debate showed how tone-deaf and racist the TV host sounded amid a franchise that was already struggling with diversity. Even with an apology attempt for “excusing historical racism,” there was no going back to the show. Harrison got a $10 million settlement from ABC and Warner Bros. to exit the long-running series. It sounds like he’s been quite eager for a comeback — and that day has now arrived.

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