Ford Is Making a Gasoline Fragrance for EV Owners Who Miss the Smell of Fossil Fuels

Ford appears to have the solution for electric vehicle owners who think they might miss the chemical-y gasoline smell. Ford has now created a premium fragrance to fix the craving for the evocative smells of traditional petrol cars.

According to Ford, a survey stated that 70 percent of car owners say they will miss the smell of gasoline the most once they switch over to an EV. The company also found that the smell of petrol ranks as high as the scent of both cheese and wine.

Ford’s new “Mach-Eau” – an evident play on the company’s Ford Mach-E –is the company’s olfactory solution to substitute the smell. Though the fragrance is not currently for sale, Ford describes the scent to be reminiscent of gasoline, containing notes of almondy benzaldehyde, better known as a smell associated with car interiors and para-Cresol, which is similar to the smell of rubber tires. The fragrance blends a mixture of other scents such as lavender, geranium, sandalwood, and blue ginger. For a smoky and metallic scent, sandalwood is included to also give the “impression of horses.”

It remains to be seen if Ford’s next EV will include the scent for their car owners.

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