Fendi Debuts a Day-To-Night Men's Spring 2022 Collection

Fendi presented its Men’s Spring 2022 collection through a fashion film shot at Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, where the brand houses its headquarters, on Friday.

In the short film, models debut creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi‘s latest ensembles on the neoclassical architecture’s arched pathways at three different hours of the day, before the entire Fendi entourage commands the landmark at night.

Amid the range, loud strikes of electric yellow and bright green juxtapose dominating pastel hues and earthy tones, occasionally atop busy patterns and prints.  A selection of cropped double-breasted blazers and fitted top offerings inform the line’s lightweight aesthetic, while oversized, leather-tapped trench coats and jacquard denim jackets solidify the brand’s place in outerwear.

Venturini Fendi mixed in a slew of double-take-worthy statement pieces, including a languid silk pajama set boasting an archival map of Rome. Additionally, the brand was playful on the accessories front, introducing bags shaped like bucket hats, Plexiglass mini Baguettes, a “ping pong peekaboo” featuring a pocket for table tennis rackets and swimming goggles in collaboration with Arena.

“In a moment where our freedom has seemed to have limits, I think it’s also the moment to push it,” Venturini Fendi told Vogue. “So I really wanted to give a sense of freedom to this man. I think it’s the time to break boundaries.”

Take a look at the collection in the film, above.

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