FamilyMart and Calbee Deliver Famichiki-Flavored Chips

Continuing its 40th-anniversary celebration, FamilyMart has now teamed up with Calbee on the release of Famichiki chips. The chips are part of the Japanese convenience store chain’s “40 Good Things” promotional campaign centered around products that are “More Delicious,” “More Affordable,” “More Satisfying,” “More Environmentally Friendly” and “More Hardworking.”

The Calbee Famichiki Flavor Thick-Sliced ​​Potato Chips faithfully expresses the taste of FamilyMart’s beloved juicy fried chicken. Replicating the crispy crunch of the hot food offering each chip is also dusted with the array of spices that define the taste of Famichiki. Additionally, the packaging for the collaboration is inspired by the free-standing bag synonymous with FamilyMart’s Famichiki.

Priced at ¥159 JPY (approximately $1.40 USD), the limited edition FamilyMart x Calbee Famichiki Flavor Thick-Sliced ​​Potato Chips are available now exclusively at FamilyMart locations in Japan.

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