Everyone’s saying the same thing about Netflix’s Run

Written by Kayleigh Dray

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Sarah Paulson’s chilling new psychological thriller film, Run, is finally available to stream on Netflix – and you better believe that it’s making waves on social media…

We always knew that Sarah Paulson had the ability to send shivers down our spines (hell, her work on American Horror Story and Ratched has made that abundantly clear), but people have been left shaken by her performance in Netflix’s Run.

The psychological thriller, which finally dropped on the streaming platform this month after being subjected to coronavirus delays, sees Paulson take on the role of Diane Sherman, an overprotective mother intent on hiding her sickly daughter away from the world.

No spoilers here, but with Chloe (Kiera Allen) now a teenager awaiting university acceptance letters in the post, it’s not long before she starts asking questions. Questions which, as you’ve probably already guessed, lead to the exposure of Diane’s most sinister secrets.

Run on Netflix is trending, and for good reason.

The film has gone down an absolute storm with Netflix subscribers, quickly becoming the platform’s most streamed title. And viewers have since flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts about Paulson’s performance, with pretty much everyone comparing it to the same classic horror character: Misery’s Annie Wilkes.

As in, yes, the malevolent nurse made famous by Kathy Bates in the 1990 adaptation of Stephen King’s chilling novel. 

“OK, so Run on Netflix is defo giving me Misery vibes,” tweeted one fan of the film.

“Just watched Run on Netflix and it was brilliant!” said another. “Air of the Misery about it.”

One more noted: “Took me a while to get into Run on Netflix but it’s a bit Stephen King à la Misery… just more sinister.”

Another said: “Run pleasantly surprised me, particularly considering the premise is essentially Misery… Sarah Paulson and newcomer Kiera Allen are equally terrific as co-leads while the always welcome Pat Healy shows up as… Postman Pat! Well worth a watch on Netflix.”

And still one more insisted: “Run on Netflix is basically like a millennial version of Misery. Decent 90-minute thriller.”

Our favourite tweet of all, though, compared Paulson’s new film to not just Misery, but another two titles, too.

“It’s like a mixture of The Act, Tangled and Misery!” they raved.

Hmm. Anyone else suddenly in the mood to ditch work for 90 minutes and stream Run instead?

Run is available to stream on Netflix.

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