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For this week’s Essentials, we catch up with footwear designer Thibo Denis. Thibo is currently the footwear lead at Dior Men’s working alongside Creative Director Kim Jones. Together with Jones, the French designer has played a key role in ushering in a new era of luxury footwear, bringing about iconic silhouettes such as the Dior Air Jordan 1 Retros, Chuck Taylor-esque B23 sneakers, and upcoming B713 skate-inspired sneakers.

In this week’s series, Thibo walks us through his daily wears and frequently used items. His picks incorporate vintage and luxury apparel from The Archivist and Dior, unique accessories including a Harpo Belt by Beige Habilleur and mini Prada backpack, cozy footwear options featuring rare Dunks Lows and HTC Custom Birkenstock Bostons, and specialty items highlighted by Encens Astier de Villate Incense, a Dior x Shawn Stussy Mug, and a François Halard Photo Book. Follow us below as we dive deeper into Thibo’s picks.

We spot the François Halard Photo Book. Is photography a big inspiration for you? How do you stay inspired?

I love images. Before IG I was such a big fan of Tumblr. It was a way to find stuff you don’t know about, and look for more after. My personal interest in furniture, and chairs to be more specific, started like this. Photography helps you to travel even when you’re at home. I also try to collect books. Sitting down at home and looking at books is the most relaxing thing I can imagine, and it’s often during your time off that you find the best ideas

Nice Dunks! What’s your take on the Nike SB?

Dunks, and the SB’s in particular, have a very specific spot in my heart. I see it as the perfect canvas to play with colors, materials, and experimental trials. I think the way it all started for sneakers is thanks to the SB. The entire collaboration game started with SB.

Do you have a footwear cleaning ritual?

I wear all of my pairs, and I like to take care of them even though I’m not so careful when I wear them. I like to get back home and clean them before putting them back in the box. I have that old Timberland kit that I always keep with me, and the best way for me is always classic soap and a toothbrush.

We noticed your pouch necklace. How did that accessory find its way into your daily life?

Small accessories are the best. I often leave my place with so many different small bags. For example, my Hermès key chain is always in my pocket with the leather string hanging from my pocket. I like very small bags. That Mini Prada backpack can only fit some cash and coins or my mini scissors, but it’s perfect to wear on top of a tee. Mini bags are like extra pockets.

How did you come to find the Harpo belt, and what’s your connection with the brand? 

I’ve always liked the store. The Native American culture is very specific and I don’t have enough knowledge to go deep on it, but it’s something that I’ve always appreciated, and I try to learn more about it. Harpo is such a beautiful retailer and I always appreciated passing by the store. When I saw that collab between Harpo and Beige Habilleur (a French store), I liked the chic side of that belt and how it becomes almost like jewelry. It’s authentic and sophisticated. For almost everything, I try to look at the most authentic products.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the recent wave of slip-on footwear. Has that influenced your own footwear designs?

It’s a wave but it’s a wave that can last long. It’s like sneakers. It’s not a wave anymore. It’s there forever. I think slippers/slip-ons are not only easy to wear, but they also look good. I’ve always worn Birkenstock Bostons, even in the winter with a big pair of socks. I remember the sandals with fur footbed at Celine by Phoebe Philo, it was the sexiest shoes in my eyes.

Take at Thibo’s product spread above, and stay tuned for more Essentials pieces in the coming weeks.

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