Donald Trump Might Be Attempting to Strategically Fix His Image By Making an Unexpected Move That Joe Biden Has Been Avoiding

Something we didn’t have on our 2023 bingo card was an actual train wreck that is reportedly causing so many health issues for Ohio residents. Outreach is currently underway to help those effected, and most shockingly, one of those people is former President Donald Trump. Ahead of the 2024 Presidential election, he’s trying a new strategy: do the opposite of what President Joe Biden is doing.

While President Biden hasn’t made an announcement of if/when he’ll be going to East Palestine, Trump seems to be taking an entirely different approach. Trump is set to visit the town of East Palestine, Ohio, tomorrow Feb 22, to see those impacted by the derailment, per Newsweek.

In case you missed it, back on Feb 3, a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, released highly toxic chemicals into the air, water, and ground, effecting both those in the community and neighboring towns. Since then, authorities ended up blowing holes in five of the train’s 150 cars, which caused a controlled burn that led to nearly 5,000 people being told to evacuate their homes. While the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan spoke to the townspeople on behalf of the Biden administration, people are still angry.

Regan said per NBCNews, “Let me be clear, EPA will exercise our oversight and our enforcement authority under the law to be sure we are getting the results that the community deserves.”

Biden’s decision not to visit East Palestine yet does not seem to have hurt his ratings too much as of Feb 21, but things could change.

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