Daniel Arsham Debuts New 'CRYSTALIZED CHARMANDER' Figure

Adding onto his series of Pokémon collectibles, Daniel Arsham announced a new CRYSTALIZED CHARMANDER which joins his Pokémon x UNIQLO UT collection’s accompanying figure entitled the BLUE CRYSTALIZED PIKACHU. The collaboration jumpstarted the American artist’s “Relics of Kanton Through Time” partnership with the beloved video game series as he held an exhibition entitled “Time Dilation” earlier this year showcasing fellow Pokémon sculptures.

Similar to the initial edition, Arsham’s Charmander is shaped up with white cast resign and crushed crystal which is cast from a hand-sculpted model made in his studio. Rather than a faint bluish hue, the relic comes in full white with its known flame ignited as an indication of its life force. Measuring 33cm tall and weighing 6.1kg, only 500 pieces of the edition are made available. Each will be contained in a box cushioned with die-cut foam and comes with a pair of custom art handling gloves and a holographic label of authenticity.

The CRYSTALIZED CHARMANDER is slated to release on Arsham’s website on October 15 at 12 p.m. ET.

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