Chrome Hearts Debuts Its "Silver Morning" Snow Goggles

Following the introduction of a pair of 3lb silver dumbbells, Chrome Hearts now infuses another set of functional items with its unique opulent touch,  introducing “Silver Morning” Snow Goggles in black, white, red, and green colorways.

The high-performance goggles are suited with all-around lenses developed by leading German optical manufacturer Carl Zeiss, which provide UV protection and enhance contrast for better visibility in low-light and inclement conditions. Thermoplastic frames are fitted with silicone rubber accents, moisture-wicking foam, and air vents for maximum durability and comfort.

Stylistically, the goggles feature floral cross motifs across the bridge while 925 sterling silver/18k gold detailing are found on the buckle clasps. Red and White goggles feature a spread of chrome hearts motifs printed on the silicone adjustable strap, while Black and green models opt for clean gothic cross detailing. To round out the offering, the goggles come with bespoke Lycra hardshell cases for safe storage.

Chrome Heart’s “Silver Morning” Goggles are now available at Chrome Hearts boutiques and select retailers worldwide for $1,550 USD. The slime green colorway will release exclusively on the Chrome Hearts website in mid-December.

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