Christie Brinkley's Secret to Staying Young Has Nothing to Do With 'Focusing on Aging'

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It’s hard to believe that Christie Brinkley is less than a year away from turning 70, but the supermodel isn’t letting a milestone birthday define her. She understands that aging is more about the feeling than the actual number, so she’s relishing in how good she feels right now at 69.

“I pretty much feel, as I’m approaching 70, the same way that I felt when I was approaching 30. I feel good. I feel strong,” Brinkley told People. “I feel like the number doesn’t match my spirit, so I may as well just keep spiriting on.” The Timeless Beauty author is dismissing the idea of what 70 is supposed to feel like by sharing her secrets to feeling so vibrant. 

“I don’t believe that focusing on age is going to make you feel any better about it,” she explained. “I think curiosity in the world around you and just wanting to do something with each day, that is what keeps you young and going.” For Brinkley, that means spending time with her “family and friends” and making sure she has a good laugh with them. “I think laughter heals everything,” she added.

So, take advice from a supermodel who is thriving in this season of life — there is no blueprint for what each decade looks like. Take the time to surround yourself with good people who make you feel energetic and alive — and make sure to keep learning new things. Those youthful secrets seem to be working well for Brinkley who has a contagious zest for life.

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