Best Photos of Madonna & Lookalike Daughter Lourdes Through The Years

There are some mother-daughter duos we can’t help but continue to love whenever we see them together. Whether they’re hitting up an event, spending quality time together, or gushing about one another in interviews, seeing such positive relationships (especially when both mom and daughter are in an intense industry like the entertainment business!) is so refreshing. Of those mother-daughter relationships that have blossomed over the years, there’s none quite like Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon.

Madonna welcomed Lourdes, also known by those close to her as “Lola,” with former partner Carlos Leon in October 1996. The legendary pop star has always been quite protective of her children, but as Lourdes has come into her own, she’s shown the world that she’s ready to introduce herself and pave her own path separate from her iconic mom’s towering career. And while Lourdes has already cultivated a rich, eclectic career in modeling, there are still moments where we can’t help but see the spitting image of her mother.

In fact, while Lourdes was growing up in the spotlight, there were a few moments where she and Madonna have looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. The young model has inherited some of her mom’s best qualities, including her looks, moxie, and confidence. We love seeing these two women together, and looking back on photos of the pair from when Lourdes was a preteen and teenager makes us feel super nostalgic. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and see some of the best lookalike photos of Lourdes and Madonna through the years!

A version of this article was published in Aug 2021. 

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