Amsterdam's Filling Pieces and Joolz Come Together in an Unexpected Collaboration

Amsterdam’s Filling Pieces and Joolz have come together for a collaboration that blends the streetwear sensibilities of the former with the latter’s premium take on every parent’s most basic must-have – a stroller.

The limited-edition Joolz Geo³ stroller takes design cues from classic varsity jackets, a Filling Pieces staple, with handmade patches adorning the olive green outer shell and light brown wheels that subtly reference gum-soles on sneakers. The release is completed by a pair of matching baby shoes and is accompanied by a community-centered campaign created with the brands’ friends and families around their shared belief that “it takes a team to raise a child”.

While the collaboration may seem a little unexpected, it makes sense when you think about it: the Dutch capital is home to both brands and “the Dam” – perhaps more popularly known as a hub of hedonism within Europe – frequently ranks highly on “most family-friendly cities” lists.

It also speaks to a maturation in streetwear that we’ve witnessed over the years. Depending who you ask, streetwear is in its third of fourth decade; it has conquered the high street, crossed over into haute couture, and most of its OGs and founders are comfortably cruising into midlife. Guillaume Philibert, the founder of Filling Pieces, is a recently new father himself, so it’s hard to think this latest business venture wasn’t inspired by a personal context.

The Filling Pieces x Joolz Geo³ stroller is available now at at Filling Pieces, Joolz, and select retail partners around Europe. It comes in a mono, duo or twin configuration starting at £1,149 GBP / €1,399 EUR.
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