Allday Goods Launches Kitchen Knives Made From Recycled Materials

A new homeware brand named Allday Goods has launched its first collection of kitchenware in the form of a range of colorful knives. Crafted almost entirely of waste, they are available in different shades that come from the scrap materials each has been formed out of.

Allday Goods was founded by Hugo Worsley – a London-based chef turned knife maker, who has turned his experience in the food industry into a mission to help solve the global plastic problem. While working as a restauranteur, Worsley became acutely aware of plastic waste within the industry – discovering that despite recycling efforts,74 percent of plastic still gets taken to landfill or incineration each year.

Inspired, he developed Allday, and for the past year has been releasing knives with plastic waste handles and blades from Sakai, Japan. But for Worsley, the manufacturing process needed to become more localized in order to fulfil his self-made sustainability goals.

For the blades, he traveled to the northern city of Sheffield, which is well-known for its steel industry. “It has an incredible history as the capital of steel production, knife making and cutlery,” he says, “but in recent years this has been declining, as production has moved to Asia. In 1920 there were over 300 knife makers, now there are five.” One of those five makers – David, a fourth-generation knife maker – has now partnered with Allday to create the blades, enabling Worsley to support small, localized businesses while also crafting a product that is made sustainably.

The collection will launch later this month with three types of knives – a small knife measuring 90mm, a big knife measuring 160mm, and a bread knife measuring 230mm. Check out the Allday Goods site to find out more. Elsewhere in design, MDF Italia has taken a look back at its own archives and has reimagined four of its icons in new materials.
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