'All I see hurtling down the escalator is runaway baby with cinnamon swirl' – Ryan Tubridy turns superhero

RTE star Ryan Tubridy turned superhero to save a child in a runaway buggy at a Dublin shopping centre.

The Late Late Show presenter revealed on his RTE Radio 1 show that the drama occurred after a strap snapped on the child’s buggy, sending it hurtling down an escalator.

Quick-thinking Tubridy crouched down with his arms outstretched and stopped the buggy in mid flight, preventing the 18-month-old child from being injured.

“The shopping centre I go to is a war zone, it’s a building site and it’s been going on for ages,” he said.

“That’s fine, I love the place, loads of Irish shops.  So one of the escalators that doesn’t have steps, you know the flat ones, that’s not working now – but you can still go down it.

“It’s covered in a mat and you can still go down it if you want, and there’s someone standing at the top for safety and security.

“So I was at the bottom of it, looking up towards the top and this all happened in slow motion.

“At the very top, there was a mum with a buggy, with a child of about 18 months in the buggy, eating a cinnamon swirl.

“Child happy, mother hassled, box under the arm, holding the buggy, but there was a strap she was holding the buggy by.

“Then, split second, the strap snapped open. The buggy was released, I look up and all I see hurtling down the escalator is runaway baby with cinnamon swirl snapped in half.”

Tubridy said the baby seemed indifferent as the buggy kept stumbling down the escalator.

He added: “I crouched, put my arms out and stopped the buggy in its tracks.

“I did look over my shoulder and if no one had been there, the baby would have been in a bit of pain, there would have been a bruise, a burst lip.”

Ryan emphasised that the mum was not to blame. “The mother had done nothing wrong, it was just something faulty with the strap holding on to the pram.

“The guy at the top, the health safety guy, he had done everything right. ‘Are you OK? Do you want a hand?’ ‘No, I’m fine.’ It was just one of those things and thankfully everything was OK.”

Tubridy added that he didn’t want to come across as a hero and was just in the right place at the right time.

He said the woman “hadn’t a clue” who he was, but she was left shaken by the scare: “She was shaken, she was quite upset, but the baby was just munching on the cake.”

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