A Virtual Gucci Bag Sold For More Money on Roblox Than The Actual Bag

Inside Roblox‘s virtual world, a digital-only Gucci bag sold for more money than the bag’s value in the real world.

Available for only one hour on May 17 as part of the Italian House’s virtual Gucci Garden exhibition, a digital iteration of the label’s Dionysus Bag with Bee sold for an original price of 475 Robux (equivalent to $6 USD) on the gaming site. In the sale’s aftermath, however, scalpers began flipping the virtual product for exorbitant prices, and while buyers turned down outrageous six-figure Robux offers, some were willing to cough up sizable sums for the coveted bag. One user paid roughly $4,115 USD, or 350,000 Robux, for the Roblox-only purse — almost $800 USD more than the real Dionysus Bag with Bee, which sells for $3,400 USD.

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian took to Twitter to share the eye-opening sales numbers, reminding people that the in-game accessory holds no monetary value outside Roblox’s virtual domain.  “Remember: this Roblox purse is not an NFT and thus has no value/use/transferability outside the Roblox world — yet it’s worth more than the physical one. Watch this space,” he wrote.

Notably, the average price of the Dionysus Bag has since fallen significantly and the Roblox value has dipped to just under $800 USD. The silhouette first debuted on Gucci’s Fall 2015 runway, creative director Alessandro Michele‘s first collection for the label.

Several other digital Gucci products were sold during the same one-hour window, including a spiked basketball bag, diamond sunglasses and a guitar case, but none gained the same resell traction as the Dionysus Bag with Bee did following the sale.

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