’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Finds Out Jay Cheated, Hooked Up in a Bathroom

Gone for good! Ashley discovered Jay hooked up with another woman during the Sunday, June 23 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Jay’s friends at the barbershop ratted him out, and Ashley was more than ready to send him back to Jamaica whether he wanted to go or not.

Ashley didn’t trust her husband (he had cheated before!), so she decided to go meet with his friends at the barbershop to see if they could tell her what’s going on. They dropped the bomb that Jay had sex in the bathroom with a woman while he was doing tattoos there. This led to the owner beating him up, kicking him out and telling Ashley everything.

“I didn’t feel as though Jay respected me or the barbershop and his opportunity to be here and do something positive for himself. He took totally advantage of that, and I was very upset,” the owner said. “I honestly see that she cared more than he did so I should let her know what’s going on. … Nobody likes to get played.”

Ashley decided to kick him out and planned to call the police to deport him if he tried to stay. She video chatted Jay to tell him she knew everything and didn’t even want to hear him explain himself, even though he partially confessed.

“If you show up at my house, the police will be waiting to deport your ass. So go f–k yourself if you want to keep f–king things,” Ashley said, before adding, “I don’t want him near me. I don’t even want him back in this country. He’s here illegally. He needs to go back to Jamaica.”

She eventually spoke to the woman he slept with, who confirmed everything; with that, she began packing his bags.

“I think Jay wanted to marry me for a green card,” she said. “Obviously he wasn’t happy with me, he wasn’t attracted to me, whatever the situation was. He was using me and he got away with it for a f–king long time, so he should be thankful for how long he got away with it.”

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