26 Reasons Why Teen Rom-Coms Are 100% The Best Kind Of Rom-Com

1.Teenagers are the most awkward people on the planet.

2.The dialogue is top notch.

3.Gym class is a comedic gold mine.


5.There are pretty guys.

6.And appealing guy-men.

7.Cliques are the worst.

8.Everybody can relate to being a virgin.

9.The insults are savage.

10.Libraries provide tension, people!

11.But also nothing breaks tension like a face full of locker.

12.First loves are so sweet.

13.And young romantic gestures are so pure.

14.Having to go to class is a real struggle.

15.Siblings get the screen time they deserve.

16.The whole concept of “listen to your elders.”

17.Kissing is a big deal.

18.Again, seriously.

19.The beauty of good parent-child moments.

20.The beauty of bad parent-child moments.

21.The bullies always get what’s coming to them.

22.The protagonists are relatable AF.

23.Driving is a huge-ass deal.

24.And reputations are, too.

25.High school girls have the best friendships in the world.

26.And, of course, Heath Ledger.

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