21 Tweets For Anyone Who Has Unhealthy Obsession With Target

1.When you’re at the check out and it sorta feels like a walk of shame:

2.When you shop there so much that you’re on a first name basis with the employees:

3.When you’re walking down the aisles and are tempted AF to buy things for the imaginary house you don’t even own yet:

4.Or when you buy things for your wedding, but you’re actually still single AF:

5.When you go into the store for one thing and immediately zone out:

6.When you strive to one day be the person who goes in for one thing and leaves with that one thing:

7.When you know that the best way to reward yourself for not overspending at Target is to treat yourself to something(s) at Target:

8.When you break your own spending speed records:

9.When the Dollar Spot ends up not not being a bargain at all:

10.When the distance to a Target is as important as a brand-new kitchen while house hunting:

11.When visiting Target stores while on vacation is as important as seeing the local landmarks:

12.When you would have saved money by NOT returning an item:

13.When your family knows your Target habits too well:

14.When Facebook calls out your Target habits:

15.When you know that the sun always shines inside a Target store:

16.When you need a support team to make sure you don’t fall into the overspending trap while there:

17.When you walk into a Target and immediately feel like you just went to the gym:

18.When you realize you never go to Target out of necessity:

19.When you have to go to another Target for an item, and still spend money at both:

20.When you buy a bunch of things and forget the ONE thing you needed to go to Target for:

21.And finally, when you love Target because you know they totally get you:

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