18 Primary School Pictures That You'll Be Able To Smell

1.The crayon box.

I can’t describe it. but I know you know what this smells like


Your hands would smell for days after using this stuff.

3.The parachute.

Close your eyes and remember that fresh, crisp air.

4.These exact counting blocks.

You could sniff these out from a mile away.

5.The heat from the radiator.

You could say the smell ~radiated~ through the classroom.

6.PVA glue.

If you know, you know.


This picture smells like good times.

8.A wet one of these bad boys.

Water + paper towel = top tier primary school first aid.

9.These exact crash mats.

Anyone that face-planted onto one of these knows what I’m talking about

10.And this exact vault.

The same goes for this.

11.Alien babies.

Ah, that articifcial, slimey goodness.

12.This wood block.

Yeah, it smelled like wood, but also memories.

13.Scented gel pens.

Need I say more?

14.Potato smileys.

The school dinner of champions.

15.The scholastic book fair.


16.Pencil shavings.

If you can’t smell this picture, did you even go to primary school?


That chemically smell of mistakes.

18.And finally: the boy’s toilets.

This smell is seared into my memory.

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