17 Coworkers Who Are — And I Can't Stress This Enough — Monsters

1.This coworker who returned this stapler to the front desk and said it was out of staples:

2.These coworkers who haven’t been cleaning their hands before using the oven mitts at a bakery:

3.These coworkers who couldn’t seem to be bothered to put their cigarettes in a container two inches from where they dropped ’em:

4.This coworker who apparently thrives on chaos:

5.This coworker who allowed their phone cord to get to this point:

6.This coworker who thought this was an acceptable way to mop the floor:

7.This coworker who kept throwing out half-used receipt rolls because they didn’t like when the receipts got “curly”:

8.These coworkers who have apparently never a parked a day in their life:

9.These coworkers whose laziness has transformed into a structural masterpiece:

10.This coworker who took the trash bin and didn’t put it back in:

11.This coworker who was asked to hole punch a 50-page document so that it could go into a binder:

12.This coworker who cut a piece out of every single donut:

13.This coworker who opened a communal bread bag like the monster they are:

14.These coworkers who decided to celebrate a colleague’s birthday by destroying their cake:

15.This coworker who apparently ALWAYS leaves the spoon like this:

16.These coworkers who thought it’d be real funny if they switched around the keys on their colleague’s keyboard:

17.And fnally, this coworker who mixed M&M’s and Skittles together:

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