16 Animal Facts That'll Make You Smile, Laugh, And Say, "Wait…WTF?!"

1.“Puppy dog eyes” are a result of dogs co-evolving with humans.

In 2017, Sadgorod Zoo in Russia had a cat who had recently given birth nurse eight orphaned hedgehogs — and it was successful!!!

3.Baby giraffes sleep with their heads on their butts.

Its also been called the cutest octopus in the world!!!!!!!!!

8.Alex the parrot is the only animal to ever ask an existential question.

During this study, they also found that pessimism and fearfulness were closely related, and overall, that pessimism was an unwavering trait in certain individuals — not just the result of the calves’ temporary moods.

11.Ginger cats are predominantly male, while calicos are predominantly female.

Their stomping mimics the vibrations of real rain, which lures the insects to the surface.

14.While most owls are nocturnal, snowy owls are actually diurnal.

However, for giraffes, each vertebrae is approximately 10 inches long.

16.Golden moles have eyeballs, but they’re covered by skin — so essentially, they’re useless.

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