15 Photos Of Everyday Things That Look Like Portals To A Parallel Universe

1.This portal to a parallel universe is actually just the sun’s reflection in a puddle.

3.This random door standing alone on an abandoned beach looks like it’d lead to somewhere out of this world.

4.These clouds look like they’ve got a massive wormhole swirling within ’em.

5.This photo taken right as the phone vibrated caused a warp in the image, but it looks like some sort of dimensional breakthrough.

6.This flatbed truck carrying something massive looks like it just shot out of a wormhole.

7.This trampoline that got blown away looks like a giant portal at the forest’s entrance.

8.The different shades of trees makes these windows look like the portals leading to different locations seen in Doctor Strange.

9.This display at The Last Bookstore looks like something from the tesseract in Interstellar.

10.This view from the bottom of this mug in a bar looks like it could be the inside of a wormhole…

11.…and this empty wine glass is also pretty mystical looking!

12.The sun glowing combined with the designs on this window look like it leads to an alternate dimension.

13.This winding set of stairs looks looks like a swirling portal.

14.These tree branches being lit up by the lamp definitely have an interdimensional vortex vibe.

15.And finally, this photo of a beverage looks less like something you’d drink and more like something you’d dive into if you wanted to visit another dimension.

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