What have we got in common? Matt Tebbutt addresses Saturday Kitchen concerns over singer

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt asks Emma Bunton ‘are you still talking?’

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Saturday Kitchen presenter Matt Tebbutt, 47, was nervous ahead of pop sensation Anne-Marie appearing on his BBC cooking show, as he didn’t think he had anything in common with the superstar. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the renowned chef and TV presenter said that despite his initial concerns, he soon found he had nothing to worry about with the singer who he branded “utterly charming”.

‘What on earth have I got in common with someone that age?’

Matt Tebbutt

Looking back at some of his favourite ever episodes, the cooking show host revealed that he was slightly worried about having the singer on as he didn’t think they’d have much in common due to their 17-year age gap.

Speaking about his past celebrity guests, he said: “Anne Marie was a great one.

“I’m 47, so I’m thinking, ‘What on earth have I got in common with someone that age?'” he said.

However, the BBC star added that he quickly realised he didn’t have anything to worry about.

Matt continued: “But she’s utterly charming, so engaging, totally endearing, funny, bright, sparky.

“Just one of those people you want to be around,” he added.

He also revealed that he got “excited” over a certain member of Take That appearing on the show.

Matt explained: “I got a bit excited when Gary Barlow came on the show, I’ve always been a big fan of him and what a lovely bloke, he did not disappoint,” he gushed.

“He was a really really genuine guy and he didn’t have anything to prove.”

As well as chatting to singers and musicians, the former restaurant owner added that he also enjoys having comedians on the show.

“We have fantastic comedians, we have naturally very funny comedians and then there are those ones that are slightly scripted,” he said.

He added: “Tom Odell, Jack Savoretti, Liz Carr, [they’re] just all lovely people.”

Matt also explained what makes a great episode of Saturday Kitchen, revealing that the celebrity guests have a lot to do with it. He said: “It makes for a great show when they enjoy getting involved.”

The chef went on to detail having an English singer-songwriter on the show, who he admitted turned out to be a huge fan.

Matt said: “The other week we had Morrissey on and he said, ‘I love being here.’

“He said, ‘I watch this every week, it’s part of my routine’.”

Commenting on his guests, Matt continued: “And they sit there and they want to drink the wine, they want to eat the food and it’s almost like a club.

“They know the people, they know the characters and they want to get involved and that’s the show at its best.”

Addressing his pre-show routines, the chef, who replaced presenter James Martin in 2016, revealed that he spends Friday night researching his guests and looking over recipes.

“On a Friday night I’m absolutely monk like, I’m in my hotel room, don’t go out, go to bed at 9pm on the dot,” he admitted.

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