Wendy Williams Fights Back Tears as She Discusses Painful Divorce

Wendy Williams has already opened up about her romantic life — by announcing that she’s dating a hot black doctor.

But opening up about her divorce, and the toll that it’s taking on her family, is a much more sensitive topic.

As you can see in this excruciating, awkward interview, Wendy has to stop more than once to fight back her own tears.

Wendy Williams appeared on SiriusXM’s Karen Hunter Show, where she opened up about her feelings and her divorce.

“Have you changed out the credit cards and the bank cards and everything to change your last name?” the show’s host, Karen, asks.

“No, my name is Wendy Hunter,” Wendy replies immediately.

Significantly, she adds: “That’s my son’s name.”

Many moms who have gone through extremely bitter divorces keep their surnames to retain the same last name as their children.

“And you can’t take away …” Wendy begins. She then stops herself abruptly.

A couple of years ago, Wendy very famously stopped mid-sentence before collapsing on live television.

This time, it’s less dire — she cut herself off to avoid bursting into tears.

You can see her eyes swell up with emotion as she fights back her feelings.

“Don’t make me cry,” Wendy instructs.

She then says: “Next!”

“So who is Wendy right now?” Karen asks.

“Happy,” Wendy replies, her voice tone much better now.

“Really?” she’s asked.

“Yeah. Yes, yes Karen,” Wendy answers with growing enthusiasm. “Yes!”

Well that sounds very affirming.

“You know what, Karen?” Wendy asks.

“I’m happy,” she affirms. “I’m healthy, despite my ankles.”

“And,” Wendy expresses. “I am at peace with the world and everyone around me.”

“The cops aren’t protecting me, so I learned how to run, you know what I’m saying?” Wendy asks, using a curious metaphor.

She adds: “You don’t want to get splashed in the face.”

Then, things take a turn for the more emotionally devastating.

“I am going through a situation in my family,” Wendy acknowledges.

Then, once again, she has to stop herself, holding up a hand as she fights back her own tears.

Karen then tries to ask her a question very delicately, but Wendy already knows where the question is leading.

“No, don’t ask!” Wendy says when Karen tries to ask.

“Is there a chance,” Karen continues. Clearly, she is asking if Wendy and Kevin might reconcile.

“No!” Wendy exclaims, shooting her a very sharp look.

“Girl,” she continues. “Don’t ask. I know what you’re saying.”

“But my family’s good,” Wendy affirms. “And we’ll always be family.”

That sounds like a very healthy attitude to have.

It’s a very strange interview.

It’s very unusual to actually hear someone instruct her interviewer to not ask about a certain topic.

Usually, that kind of conversation happens beforehand.

It’s even more unusual to hear the interviewer appear to keep trying to ask the question.

It’s not like Wendy’s trying to avoid being grilled about the concentration camps along the southern border. These are questions about her divorce.

If she doesn’t want to even talk about reconciliation, who could blame her?

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