We got an upgrade and Mac users may need to clear their cookies

On Saturday night we got an upgrade on the backend of the site, which is awesome and a minor victory for us. A few years ago we tried to do something similar around this time of year and were down for almost a full day. The update worked much better than expected and we’ve had very few issues with it so far.

We’ve received some reports that the reply to comment feature does not work on Mac computers and iPhones. Mac users may also notice formatting issues. You can fix this by clearing the cache in the browser on your desktop or phone. This goes for just about any issue that you notice. Please clear your cache and hopefully it will resolve. If you notice any problems which are not resolved by clearing your cookies, please email us at info@celebitchy.com or tweet at me @celebitchy. Also the site was in read-only mode for several hours very early Sunday morning EST. If you made comments at that time they may have been lost.

In the opening part of our podcast this week, #109 which is out now, I mentioned how it’s important to keep things simple and easy to use. So many commercial sites go through major design changes that make them harder to navigate and more confusing. This happens with upgrades to our phones, to software and even with our cars. All of our stories appear with equally weighted thumbnails and we’ve kept the same classic design for a reason. We may change the design at some point and this upgrade makes that possible. If that happens everything will be tested and will hopefully be as straightforward and usable as before.

Thanks so much for reading, commenting and sticking with us. Also thanks to our hosting company, Serverstack, which we’ve been with for over 10 years. They’re such a good reliable company and we highly recommend them.

photos credit: Cookie the Pom and Pavel Herceg on Unsplash and Samson Katt on Pexels

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