Viral Mass Shooting Manifesto Puts Lakewood Community on Alert

Somebody posted a promise to kill in the City of Lakewood — which has put the community, as well as local officials, on high alert … although it appears to be a freaky hoax.

A user that goes by u/gastonmcwhinnie posted a lengthy message on the Lakewood Reddit thread over the weekend, which stood out as a red flag and caught the attentions of concerned citizens, and at least one City Council member … not to mention law enforcement.

The message is slugged … “MASS SHOOTING TODAY IN LAKEWOOD” going on to describe how this individual plans to go out on Sunday and gun down “minorities” at different parts of town with an AR-15 and a Glock 18 they claim to have. The user also posted a photo of a handgun to accompany the troubling open letter, plus a clip of ammo.

It’s absolutely terrifying, as the note reads, in part … “There is only one thing that I’m certain of; I f****** hate minorities.” They go on to explain that they don’t know where the hatred stems from, but that it’s there nonetheless and they want to finally do something about it.

The person adds, “I don’t see much of a future for myself, and I have an ongoing case, so I think I’m just going to end with a bang.” They go on to explain that they’ll be aiming for at least 10 “minorities” … while sickeningly saying, “the more the better.” They also say they’ll be targeting Council members, and ends by saying there’ll be a lengthier manifesto on his computer. The message ends on an even more ominous tone, with “See you in hell.”

This started spreading like wildfire, with many warning residents of Lakewood and surrounding areas to be on the lookout. Lakewood Council Member Todd Rogers responded, writing … “We are aware of the threat against Lakewood and city officials posted on social media. Law enforcement does not believe they are credible but an investigation is underway.”

There doesn’t appear to be any developments from this so far, so hopefully what Rogers insists here is true. Still, even if this is a prank — it’s absolutely diabolical, to say the least.

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