Video of 6ft 8in basketball star Elizabeth 'Liz' Cambage goes viral as she bosses male rival on the court

A video of WNBA basketball star Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Cambage easily bossing a male opponent on the court has gone viral.

The Las Vegas Ace star has been trying to keep her game up as she’s battled quarantine and time off the court this year, but this viral video shows what a masterful basketball player she really is.

The Bleacher Report posted the video to its Twitter account, and it’s already received nearly 16,000 likes and 5,000 retweets and quote tweets. Cambage also posted it on her Instagram account, where she’s already garnered nearly 500,000 views.

The 50-second video shows Cambage barely breaking a sweat as she calmly dispatches ball after ball into the hoop while her hapless opponent, referred to as Corey, tries in vain to stop her.

Guys cheer throughout the video as Cambage twists and turns and easily scores despite her opponent constantly buzzing around her.

Liz Cambage showed her opponent no mercy

At one point, Corey has the ball, and he eyes the hoop longingly and jumps just before Cambage effortlessly plucks the ball from his grasp.



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To be fair to her opponent, he was significantly shorter than the Australian athlete, but he clearly needs more practice if he hopes to take on Liz once again.

Her opponent shouldn’t feel too bad, as Cambage currently holds the WNBA scoring record, having put 53 points away against the New York Liberty in 2018. She’s also won gold, silver, and bronze medals while representing Australia at the international level.

NBC Sports’ Chris Miller wrote on Twitter of Cambage’s display, “light work, easy work!!!”

Another fan suggested that folks should ignore the height difference with her opponent and focus on Cambage’s amazing skills.

Lots of fans also found the whole performance quite sexy and shared their feelings online. “Damn she fine,” said one fan.

Liz Cambage recently appeared in a Playboy shoot

Cambage is certainly not shy about showing off her body; last September, the 29-year-old athlete made headlines outside of sport when she posed for Playboy.  In an interview with the magazine, she discussed her sexuality and how people often assumed she was gay just because she liked sports. She stressed, “I’m like, ‘No, I love men.’”

Cambage said: “Yeah, I am a straight six-foot-eight woman who likes to have sex. I’m a human, it’s what we do.” She added, “As a female athlete, I feel like I’m not allowed to be sexy, and I’m not allowed to be that person.”

Last April, basketball fans were treated to an out of lockdown show with the NBA Horse Challenge, and WNBA’s Allie Quigley delighted fans when she beat NBA’s Chris Paul.

Earlier this year, there was romance in the air as soccer star Megan Rapinoe announced her engagement to WNBA’s Sue Bird.

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